About Us
Dennovation+ is a fashion chemical initiative from Zytex. Armed with an innovative concepts of sustainable and green technology.

Denim Jeans, the most fashionable wear among all generations, use highly artificial indigo dyes and chemicals for coloring. When waste from manufacturing chain goes to landfills, it pollutes our planet too.

Dennovation+ provides solutions to these pollutants by recycling and reusing pre and post - consumer waste to make new denim wear with all natural colorants.
We have also collaborated with spinners, weavers, processors, garment makers and NGOs in the supply chain to create employment opportunities in the rural sector.

Dennovation+ is here to stay and here to transform the world.

Dennovation+ is born with the aim of providing our customers the right know how for the development of the latest fashion effects on the garments and create innovations.

In short words it is the technical hub for the for the fashion trends denims and non denims.
Our vision is to develop sustainable processes from start to finish.
Sustainable clothing can be made by using,
We live by the slogan- to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
In this way, our sustainable textile manufacturing from fibre to fashion will undergo:
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