Destreaker ZB
Alpha amylase used in desizing of textiles in the temperature range of 60 to 90°C. Compatible with wetting agents and surfactants used in desizing.
Destreaker MP5
All in one product for pre-treatment of denim garments with in-built alpha amylase. Excellent wetting and lubricating properties. It also exhibits good detergency power to prevent back staining of pockets and weft yarns
Chemsize 200
Chemzie 200 is a based desizer on combination of surfactant, polymers and chemicals. It removes sizes from grey fabric or denim garments at low temperatures.
Desol RT 30
Alpha amylase used for desizing at low to medium temperature range of 30 to 60°C.Addition of calcium salt is recommended to improve the stability.
Destreaker Conc
Concentrated Alpha amylase used in desizing of textiles, Denims and cotton garments in the temperature range of 60 to 90°C.Removes starch without any negative effect on the substrate.