Reactive washing off agents
Zypon ETS
Synergistic mixture of dispersing agents. Stable to hard water. Low re-deposition of unfixed dyes.
Zypon CP
Washing off agent with good dispersing action for cotton dyed with reactive dyes. Good anti-re depositing properties and soil shielding properties Non-foaming and have no affinity for anionic dyes.
Isopon HDS Supra
Universal washing off agent for reactive dyes with excellent anti-re depositing properties. Reduces number of rinsing and soaping steps. Very good dispersing properties which prevents dye aggregates and subsequent re-deposition during soaping.
Zypon ACS
Synergistic mixture of dispersing agents. Very effective in removing unfixed and hydrolysed reactive dyes during washing off process. Prevents re-deposition of unfixed dyes. Low foaming.