Garment Auxiliaries
Multifunctional anti back staining product to achieve cellulase enzyme deactivation and clean-up of the denim washing process. Can be added in the same bath at the end of the process.
Max Clean Super
Auxiliary for clean-up and brightness improvement of denims. Good cleaning action on superficial impurities present on garment surface.
Max Clean Turbo
Multi-function product for garment wet processing. Good cleaning action. Very useful in denim washing, soaping, bio-fading and desizing.
PP Act
Activator for Permanganate bleaching. Provides good contrast and bright look when used along with permanganate spray liquid.
PP Kleen
PP Kleen is a highly effective potassium permagnate neutralizer for treating denim garments. It is used as a neutralizer to produce snow white effect on denims.